Yoga for Cancer Patients

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How we move- where we initiate movement, and how we support ourselves- is more important than the shapes we make.  The more present we can be in our bodies, the more potential there is for integrated movement and healing.

A Yoga practice gives us opportunities to breathe into pleasurable sensations like joy and into sensations that we tend to guard ourselves against like sadness, anger, and pain. Yoga cultivates curiosity and courage.


Yoga offers us a map.  

We can use this map to explore the territory of our sensations and experiences. But the map is not the territory.  Often we will encounter uncharted landscapes that diverge radically from what the map might lead us to expect. This is the beauty.  Maps help us to travel deeper into the dynamic geography of this body, this life.

Our bodies are intelligent. There is no duality between mind and body: our truest intelligence is embodied. The more we access this fundamental & undeniable wholeness, the more fully we are able to live.